Wine in a can is set to boom: here’s why

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2021. 02. 16. 08:50

Canned wine is expected to reshape the global wine market as a more sustainable format to the wine industry, according to GlobalData.

Beverage analyst Holly Inglis says can packaging is perfect for the growing preference for the e-commerce channel, especially when the online purchase of alcoholic beverages has surged since the pandemic arrived.

Aluminium cans are lighter in weight and unbreakable, making them easier to ship. And she says they are also more sustainable with cans more widely recycled than glass.

Wine in a can also helps to reduce over-consumption and manage customers’ intake, as the majority of pack sizes are one third the volume of normal wine bottles, at 250ml.

GlobalData said producers within the alcoholic drinks category are becoming increasingly receptive to consumer packaging trends. In the UK, Kiss of Wine has partnered with independent European winemakers to produce several wine varieties that are sold only in metal can format, each with its own unique colour scheme.

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