Rabbit meat is rare in Hungary

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 15. 11:54

Rabbit meat is a traditionally popular ingredient in Hungary, and can be excellently used fried, fried or roasted. High-quality rabbit fillets, rabbit shoulder blades and rabbit liver can be special food specialties, which cooks and chefs can enhance with their creativity.

Due to the excellent quality and purity of rabbit meat, it can provide a real gastronomic pleasure. According to the data of the National Chamber of Agriculture and the Rabbit Product Council, the domestic rabbit industry has undergone significant development in recent years. Although there is a decline this year, the lack of rabbits in Western European markets can create an opportunity for domestic players to gain market share.

Rabbit meat is an excellent source of protein, easily digestible and low in fat. However, its consumption is unfortunately not widespread among Hungarians, so the domestic rabbit industry is mainly export-oriented. Hungarian rabbit breeders must perform to a high standard in order to meet the strict expectations of foreign buyers.

The development of the rabbit industry has been hampered by various factors in the past period, including rising production costs and problems caused by the RHD epidemic. The National Chamber of Agriculture supports the players in the rabbit sector to provide domestic and foreign markets with high-quality and nutritious rabbit meat.

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