Resilience – how far can flexible adaptation go?

By: Balázs Ildikó Date: 2024. 04. 01. 12:41

The importance of mental resilience has increased in the corporate world.

This article is available for reading in Trade magazin 2024/4

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Guest writer:
Ildikó Balázs
director of corporate affairs
Auchan Magyarország

In the last year two close friends of mine have had heart attacks, both of them in their 40s. It made me wonder why this was happening, so I decided to learn about resilience – what it means in the business world. How can we perform on a daily basis in the retail sector without our health or work-life balance suffering? Using the right stress management strategies and creating psychological safety can go a long way in building strong, resilient work communities. The coronavirus pandemic has given a new impetus to the concept and use of the term resilience.

Resilience is closely linked to the idea that in the so-called risk societies of a globalising world, complex relationships are at work that make it increasingly difficult to successfully withstand challenges, and instead require a different type of coping capacity to deal with shocks. If we want to survive the challenges of everyday life in a healthy way, we need to develop ourselves – this is especially true for Generation X – but in order to improve our own adaptability, we must learn about the specific factors of resilience and understand where we are in the process of personal development. Only this way can we define exactly what we still need to develop, for instance acceptance, responsibility, personal efficiency, healthy positivism, anger management, social relations, empathy and person-oriented thinking. //

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