Business Days 2020 – Trade Festival – The FMCG sector on the stage

Date: 2020. 09. 22. 08:00

Trade magazin, the No.1 trade magazine of the FMCG market will once again organise the biggest gathering of the trade’s decision-makers on 22-25 September, the Business Days conference in Hotel Pelion, in Tapolca.

Application deadline: August 26, 2020

This year is probably more difficult than ever before. The business environment changed practically overnight.

Everyone was hopeful that the magic of numbers will be of help, and 2020 will be the best year in a while, in spite of the hardships promised by the approaching economic slowdown. Then we fell into a ‘world war’ where the whole planet is facing the same enemy. We already knew at the beginning that this battle was going to take months. Now as we are marching into the unknown, the economy is getting weaker day after day – not only in Hungary, but all over the world.

Every year the Business Days conference uses a new setting to discuss the most important issues related to the FMCG business. Preserving this tradition, we are going to celebrate with a real trade festival when this nightmare ends. When the pandemic is over, the economy won’t be able to get back on track instantly and be like it was in January, but at least life can start again.

We are preparing for sharing the FMCG trade’s experiences with each other for four days in September, helping one another by looking into the future, sharing useful information and having a good time in the evenings – celebrating the survival not only as regards our health, but also from a business perspective. There are many fields of our trade where we simply must think collectively to rebuild the world around us as fast as possible.

Trade magazin hopes that by September there won’t only be a ceasefire in the battle against the pandemic, but the days of a lasting peace!

We continue to update the conference programme on our website. You can register for participation online already now, and those who sign up until the end of June are entitled to the usual 20-percent early bird discount from the price that stays the same as it was last year.

 With the current situation in mind, we are also announcing a so-called rain date just like a real festival would, which is 10-13 November 2020, with the venue being the same, Hotel Pelion. If the September event is postponed, all tickets with a discount will be valid for the new date too.

DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAM                              O N L I N E    A P P L I C A T I O N   F O R M

A video of the 2019 conference


At the time of registering it can’t be told when the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to end and there is no information available about prospective government measures that might affect the date of the conference. In the light of these facts if the conference’s organisation and the services ordered can’t be performed due to government measures, decrees or legislation passed before the date of the conference, the organisers (Grabowski Kiadó Kft.) shall reimburse the registration fee to the participant (Customer) in full. Hereby the conference participant (Customer) acknowledges and declares that if the conference is cancelled because of reasons detailed above, they aren’t entitled to claim for damages of any kind in addition to the reimbursement of the registration fee they have already paid.



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Organizers of the conference: