György Raskó: The quality of potatoes with the price cap is the same as what we usually give to pigs

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 01. 11. 12:40

According to agricultural entrepreneur and economist György Raskó, the government did not count on the fact that the price caps will indirectly help the large food chains, but they will certainly maintain them until there is a serious shortage of a product – as they did with fuel. He also detailed that some of the price-stopped products are of very low quality.

In the current economic situation, the maintenance of price caps only puts independent retailers in a difficult situation, while the larger chains are less affected, perhaps even because they are doing well with them – economist and agricultural entrepreneur György Raskó talked about this in the Jazzy Business Class program, as pointed out by 168 hours .

According to the economist, the reason why the government keeps extending the price caps is because it is beneficial for the population. As long as there is no shortage of a particular product, he added. He cited fuel as an example, the rapid and spectacular shortage of which was already unpleasant for the government, which is why he introduced the price cap.

During the interview, the quality of products with a price cap was also discussed. According to Raskó, in the case of products where we can talk about different quality, such as potatoes or pork, the price-fixed products began to represent a much lower quality. Its price advantage came at the expense of quality, he emphasized. He explained that 10-15 percent of imported potatoes are usually thrown away, but due to the price cap, this is no longer done everywhere, so really low-quality potatoes are also sold.


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