Incredible stories in the latest episode of the GVH podcast

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 02. 14. 12:29

Why should you cooperate when GVH comes knocking? What was it that surprised even the experts of the competition authority? For the answers, it is worth listening to the latest broadcast of the podcast series of the Economic Competition Office (GVH).

The latest episode of the national competition authority’s podcast series, launched at the beginning of the year, presents the practice of unannounced on-site research, commonly known as raids. The raid is one of the most important elements of the competition authority’s toolkit for uncovering secret competition restrictions, i.e. cartels, but it also plays a major role during accelerated sector investigations – so it currently greatly helps the competition authority’s action against food inflation.

In the latest episode of the GVH podcast, it is revealed for what purpose the competition authority strikes a company, how the voluntary cooperation of companies can mitigate the consequences of their infringement and what happens if someone tries to hinder research.

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