Rationalization and closures at American Burger King

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2023. 05. 05. 08:59

By 2022, the number of Burger King’s American stores, which will become the 4th largest restaurant chain in the world, decreased by 124 units between last year and March of this year.

According to data released in October 2022, Burger King had more than 19,000 units, of which 7,100 were operating in the US – a net decrease of 124 means that more stores closed than opened. can be considered an average figure, but according to CEO Josh Kobza, in 2023 the chain could reach 300-400 gross store closures in the United States. However, the turnover of Burger King stores and the profitability of franchise operators improved slightly, with the group’s US sales increasing by 8.1%.

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