Under the name PRO 100, premium gasoline will be distributed at Auchan wells

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 06. 30. 12:41

The premium category also appears at Auchan filling stations. After a long product development and improvement, the range is expanded with the new PRO 100 gasoline, which with its defining parameters guarantees dynamic performance and thus a better driving experience. The two most important characteristics of quality fuel are the E5 bioethanol content and the 100 octane number that appears in its name, which is obviously higher than the 98 octane number of fuels of a similar category.

The selection of Auchan filling stations is enriched with a special product, PRO 100 gasoline, which with its high octane number and E5 ethanol content represents the premium category in the range. It is primarily intended for the special class of consumers for whom the driving experience is important.

In the name of the new fuel, the designation 100 refers to the experimental octane number of gasoline, which is higher than in products of the same quality category, where this number is usually 98. This increased octane number results in increased performance indicators and combustion efficiency for vehicles. The other distinguishing element is the E5 organic classification. This means that the bioethanol content of the fuel is below 5 volume percent (%V/V). Auchan provides a continuous guarantee for compliance with the E5 standard.

Thanks to the modern addition of the new PRO 100 smart gasoline, the performance of the engine will increase and its life cycle is expected to be longer. It protects the fuel delivery system from dirt and corrosion, the valves do not stick and stay cleaner, as well as the intake manifold. And from the point of view of driving, it has advantages such as smoother starting, smoother idling, less jerking and less frequent stalling while driving. All of this makes the driving experience noticeably more dynamic.

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