Premium quality organic products by Neuner’s – Tea cures have become an inseparable part of wellness

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 03. 05. 08:00

Organically produced premium quality teas exist, but what makes a product special? Neuner’s products not only give us the answer but also show us a market gap unnoticed so far in Hungary. Neuner’s is an Austrian family business established in the 19th century which is still directed by a member of that family. The name has become a guarantee of quality among consumers of organic products everywhere in Europe. The importer of Neuner’s products, TradeBio Kft. decided to focus on premium quality bio food in order to avoid competing with Hungarian manufacturers. Neuner’s products come in a unique packaging developed for consumption in spas or saunas. Each filter is protected by an aroma-sealed aluminium pouch with a label listing the ingredients in 20 languages. Apart form the 6 wellness teas, there are also other products in the Neuner’s selection composed of 18 teas, like mono herbal teas or specialities for babies (which can be consumed from the age of one week) and their mothers. All Neuner’s filters are loaded with the optimal weight to achieve the desired health effect.

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