The University of Gödöllő is developing precision slurry application technology together with Agrogép from Nyíregyháza

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 20. 10:00

The Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE) in Gödöllő and AJG Agrogép Jármű- és Gépgyártó Kft. in Nyíregyháza are developing precision liquid fertilizer application technology based on artificial intelligence can use support – the higher education institution informed MTI on Monday.

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In their press release, they explain: the goal of the project, which received support in the Ginop Plusz program, is to develop a precision application technology that follows the spatial diversity of the agricultural area and can apply an amount of liquid fertilizer to the environment that corresponds to the current nutrient supply of the soil and the needs of the plant population.

In Hungary, in 2022, more than 54,000 hectares of agricultural land were applied with liquid fertilizers, the volume of which was 2.9 million cubic meters per year

The university’s press release quotes István Szabó, director of MATE’s Technical Institute, who said that one of the most important tasks of the modern era is to produce food raw materials through the application of modern agricultural technologies in such a way that the environmental load remains as low as possible, and in the case of application, the proportion and components of applied substances can be determined on a “pharmacy scale”. According to Géza Ferencz, the managing director of AJG Agrogép Jármű- és Gépgyártó Kft., which designs and manufactures agricultural transport vehicles, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to transform and develop the entire technological line, that is, to homogenize the slurry containing liquid and solid phases. The goals of the project include the development of a system for tracking shipments, as well as the development of an autonomously moving liquid fertilizer homogenizing device with a floating platform and a precision liquid fertilizer application tanker, he added. The members of the consortium hope that with the developed technology, it will be possible to control the filling and emptying locations, the quantities and the transport route of the liquid fertilizer at an affordable price, and the precision application will enable the optimal supply of nutrients to the cultivated plants.

According to public company data, AJG Agrogép employed 128 workers in 2022, and its net sales revenue was HUF 2.8 billion, half of which came from export sales. The company’s profit after tax reached HUF 88.7 million. In 2021, the company realized a profit of HUF 97.1 million with sales revenue of HUF 2.7 billion.


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