NetPincér became a food panda with Positive Adamsky

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 10. 05. 11:10
Delivery Hero Hungary selected Positive Adamsky in an invitational tender to plan and run the autumn introductory campaign for foodpanda. The promotional film, which is an integral part of the brand’s integrated campaign from NetPincér to foodpanda, was shot with the company’s courier partners.

NetPincér is now foodpanda!

At the beginning of September, the news exploded that NetPincér would soon become a foodpanda, and the change took place this week, the foodpanda app and are now available. And in October, a large-scale nationwide campaign will be launched to launch the brand, with the help of Positive Adamsky. Delivery Hero Hungary has been working with Positive Adamsky since August 2019.

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