Looking behind the figures

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 03. 28. 08:00

Hyper markets took a high share – 38 per cent – from the overall sales of household chemical products last year. This percentage is 29 for food sales which means a slight increase over least year’s figure. The increase in the market share of hyper markets slowed down primarily because new stores are smaller than the older ones. The average floor area of a Hungarian hyper market is 6 734 square meters, according to end of year data from Nielsen. In the food retail categories surveyed by Nielsen, hyper markets held a market share of 28,5 per cent last year. In some categories of chemical products like electric razor for ladies, water softener, paper towels, hyper markets achieved a market share in terms of value of over 45 per cent last year. Among other food categories, hyper markets had a market share exceeding 45 per cent in whisky, olive oil, energy drinks, dog food, salad dressings. Discounts stores and domestic retail chains are the most important competitors for hyper markets. The market positions of both improved last year. Discount stores increased their share in food retail from 16 to 18 per cent, while domestic retail chains increased their share from 29 to 30 per cent. Regarding chemical products, the markets share of domestic retail chains showed a slight decrease last year, while that of discount store grew from 9 to 10 per cent. Hyper markets are particularly strong in household chemical products.

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