A book presenting the gastronomy of Pest county was published

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 09. 22. 10:26
A volume entitled Snapshots of Pest County was published, which takes a snapshot of the gastronomic specialties, handicraft products and innovations of Pest County, which is geographically and traditionally diverse.

As Ambrus András, the editor-in-chief, told MTI that although it may come as a surprise to many, there are dishes, cooking methods and products that are specific to the settlements and landscapes of Pest County. While the booklet entitled From Pumpkin Pompos to Gencicsa, which was also published by the Pest County Municipality, featured mainly folk and ethnic dishes, the current publication presents not only food recipes but also ingredients and gastronomic enterprises and ideas that brought recognition to Pest County. (MTI)

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