Magazine: An overview of the Eger wine region

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2017. 09. 14. 07:30

Egri Bikavér, the emblematic wine of Hungary’s second best known wine region has been named a Hungaricum product recently. On this occasion our magazine interviewed some of the most important figures in the Eger wine region. //

Tibor Gál
Gál Tibor Pincészet

‘The Eger wine region is one of the best known red wine making regions in Hungary and the second best known wine region in general, behind Tokaj. Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) is the red wine type that realises the biggest volume sales in Hungary. At the moment Eger wines can rarely be found in top restaurants, but the shops are full of them. It is very difficult to position the most important product, Bull’s Blood, because the cheapest and the most expensive Eger wines are both Bull’s Blood products.

As a matter of fact, I thought Bull’s Blood had been made a Hungaricum product a long time ago. This occasion is a great opportunity for the Eger wine region to get some attention, but I don’t think that more Bull’s Blood will be sold. Even more so because in foreign markets the term Hungaricum simply means ‘a product from Hungary.’ My view is that winemakers help each other a lot, but we should profit from this not in Hungary but in foreign markets.’ //

Gergő Soltész

‘Eger wines are very well known in Hungary. Ostorosbor winery is one of the region’s biggest Bull’s Blood makers. For us the fact that Bull’s Blood was named a Hungaricum product means great joy and great responsibility as well. Winemakers in the region should take this opportunity and strengthen their cooperation: the objective is raising the prestige of this wine type and creating better market opportunities for winemakers in the region. My experience is that winemakers in the Eger region are more and more willing to work together for common goals.’ //

Nimród Kovács
Kovács Nimród Winery

‘Public opinion is that Eger wines represent the low and medium categories. The good news is that this shouldn’t necessarily stay so: excellent wines can be made in this region. I think that the term Hungaricum means very little to the average consumer. My view is that it needs to be filled with content, for instance our winery honours Bull’s Blood by paying tribute to its creator Jenő Grőber, with the Superior Bikavér product. My experience is that winemakers in the Eger region are starting to understand that they can make greater progress by joining forces. The Eger Bull’s Blood festival – held in June every year – shows very well how many superb winemakers are working in the region.’ //

Áron Dula
Dula Pincészet

‘Eger wines have a dual reputation: some consumers still question their quality, while others appreciate them more and more. I think we should work harder on communicating the protected designation of origin. Making Bull’s Blood a Hungaricum product was an important step forward. Our task now is to prove that what we offer is something special indeed. I sense an ever-stronger cooperation between winemakers in the Eger region. For instance important decisions are now preceded by discussions.’ //

Attila Bíró
Bíró és Fia Pincészet

‘I do believe that there is no other wine region in Hungary where excellent red and white wines can both be made. Bull’s Blood becoming a Hungaricum product is a recognition from the Hungarian and the world markets, and it honours 20 years of hard work by Eger winemakers. We are happy to report that sales of our Bull’s Blood wines keep growing. My view is that Eger winemakers should make greater cooperation efforts.’ //

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