Péter Oszkó: ‘Humanity has to face more and more unexpected challenges’

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2021. 04. 26. 19:00

Although he says he can’t see the future, the former Minister of Finance and the founder of Hungary’s first venture capital trust Péter Oszkó gave a very accurate and detailed analysis of the state of the country’s market economy in the Future Talks podcast. The founder of OXO Technologies Holding sat down with Szilvia Krizsó to discuss the uncertainties of the future, fundamental truths of various investment fields and the growing importance of technological development.

He told that the future seems to be much more uncertain than 20-30 years ago. In his view the 2008-2009 economic recession made it clear that not everything will happen the way models had predicted. Humanity has to face more and more unexpected challenges and this can only be done in a sensible, balanced and sustainable manner with the help of technology. Péter Oszkó reckons that it puts great pressure on both individuals and the society that they have acquire completely new knowledge and skills every five years.

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