Russian poultry, Italian lamb

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 08. 29. 08:00

Agricultural Business Research Institute (AKI) monitors and regularly publishes trends in the world market of meat and poultry. The Market Price Information System of KSH and AKI can provide useful info for making even short term decisions.
According to one of their recent reports, there is a lot of competition for the Russian poultry market. As a result of the bird flu scare, Hungarian export to Russia fell last year. As poultry is one of the most dynamically developing sectors in Russia, Hungarian export is not expected to recover. While domestic consumption has risen from 4,3 kilos to 11 during the past ten years, the share of imports has fallen from 64 per cent to 45.
Most of the livestock of lamb bred in Hungary is exported to Italy. Export is expected to continue growing as the number of ewes kept in Italy fell by 3 per cent last year. So far expectations have not been fulfilled, as the quantity delivered in the first third of the year was 12 per cent lower than a year ago. Hungarian farmers are looking for new markets and Hungarian lamb has appeared in the French and German markets.

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