Migros Tests Self-Driving Delivery Service In Switzerland

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2023. 03. 16. 09:21

Swiss supermarket chain Migros has launched a trial of an autonomous delivery service, entitled Migronomous.

The self-driving, electrically powered vehicle, developed in association with local start-up Loxo and Schindler, is currently in test mode delivering groceries from a Migros branch to Schindler’s campus in Ebikon, Lucerne.

After Schindler employees place orders at Migros, staff at the Migros Mall of Switzerland branch in Ebikon load products into the van, which then delivers them to the Schindler plant 500 meters away.

Once there, Schindler employees can open the compartment with a code and receive their purchases from the vehicle.

The service runs from Monday to Friday and can carry up to 64 shopping bags.

The self-driving vehicle uses sensors that continuously scan its surroundings, passersby, traffic and road signs. It also runs on an electric motor, thereby reducing emissions.

Engineers developed and built the ‘Loxo Alpha’ vehicle entirely in Switzerland, and it is the first fully self-driving van to run on Swiss roads.

With online ordering at Migros growing steadily in recent years, Migronomous could take on a valuable role in on-demand delivery, the retailer said.

“There is great potential to reduce private traffic on Swiss roads, because customers no longer have to use their cars for shopping,” commented Lara Armini, Loxo co-founder.

Migros has been committed to sustainable transportation for years, focusing on low-carbon propulsion systems such as biogas, electric, and hydrogen for maximum reduction of CO2 emissions.


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