An online marketplace and free advertising site helps the Hungarian small-scale farmers in the Uplands

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2017. 06. 28. 11:06

An online marketplace for Hungarian small-scale farmers and their customers, and a free advertiser site was launched by the Libertate Civil Association to help the local Hungarian farmers and to facilitate intra-community trade within the society – the organization informed MTI on Friday.


Besides organizing cultural and public programs, the organization also helps to strengthen the local community with economic growth tools.

First of all, the web site ( is collecting the Hungarian enterprises in the Uplands, their contact details and profiles. This was followed by, a free online marketplace serving Hungarian top producers in the Uplands. The aim of the organization was to link the local Hungarian farmers offering high quality raw materials to those who are interested in farm products. The idea also assumes that it can serve as a basis for building a direct, long-term trust relationship between the producer and the buyer. (Starovic Tibor, MTI)

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