Hungary’s adopted Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan is available online

By: STA Date: 2022. 12. 14. 09:40

The great success of the year 2022 is that on November 7, the European Commission accepted Hungary’s CAP strategic plan, which represents a historic opportunity for the Hungarian countryside and agriculture. The adopted strategic document is available for download on the government’s website.

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A favorable agreement has been reached on EU agricultural and rural development subsidies for Hungary in the period up to 2027, the EU funds, together with the outstanding national budget contribution, will help rural development, farmers and food processors more than ever before. The budget for the next five years in the domestic CAP is a total of 14.7 billion euros. Almost half of this is provided by the Hungarian government, with 8.4 billion euros coming from the European Union. More than half of the rural development resources, almost HUF 1,500 billion, are spent on economic development, and more than HUF 1,000 billion are used for sustainability purposes. Both of these represent a significant expansion compared to the previous ones, as well as the scope of increased expenses related to the transfer of knowledge, which is doubled. With the smart use of subsidies, the productivity of Hungarian agriculture can increase by one and a half times, and the added value by two times by the end of the decade.

In order to ensure that all farmers receive the most suitable support, the Ministry of Agriculture considers continuous information a priority task

Before the adoption of the Hungarian CAP Strategic Plan, which was professionally concluded with the European Commission and is necessary and important for the decision-making of farmers, the department published the regulatory plans and information on the government portal, in the national and specialized press, as well as in the context of numerous professional conferences. In the future, the department will continue to organize online and personal professional forums about the new direct support system of the CAP starting in 2023, the changes and innovations, and a printed publication will also be prepared in cooperation with NAK. The village farmers will receive training, and from the beginning of next year, information about the agricultural support system will be published on a thematic website.

The Hungarian CAP Strategic Plan adopted by the European Commission will be available to all interested parties in a downloadable format in Hungarian on the government’s website until the launch of the new website.

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