Municipal company can save the meat industry in Gyula

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 01. 07. 12:20

In a week or two a wholly local governmental-owned meat company can be formed, which is expected to save the meat industry in Gyula – Magyar Hírlap writes.

“The Meat plant of Gyula is unfortunately beyond redemption. The company is being wound up, and it has a high level of debt accumulated, which is almost unmanageable. The Gyulai Húskombinát will be deleted from the commercial register and the assets, the high value machinery will be sold”- Görgényi Ernő, mayor of Gyula told. “In a week or two we establish a one hundred percent local governmental-owned new meat company that buys the assets and property of the meat plant and saves the Gyulai Húskombinát, which has a hundred and forty-four-year of history. ” (Szarvas Szilveszter,

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