OMSZ: the grain corn crop of the EU may be better than last year

By: STA Date: 2023. 09. 21. 10:30

At the European Union level, compared to the average of the past 5 years, the expected average yield of grain corn this year has decreased by 3 percent, mainly due to the weather conditions in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, but the average yield of 7.26 tons per hectare is still 23 percent higher than last year, according to the National Meteorological Office.

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From the service’s September international agrometeorological analysis. According to EU data, the expected average yield of grain corn in Hungary has improved significantly; the average yield of 8.20 tons per hectare is 17 percent higher than the average of the last 5 years and 140 percent higher than last year. They added: the expected yield of sunflowers also decreased in these three countries, but this is offset by the improved yield outlook for France and Hungary. According to the EU forecast, the average yield of 3.26 tons per hectare estimated for Hungary is 18 percent higher than the average of the last 5 years and 69 percent higher than last year.

In the period between the beginning of August and the middle of September, more precipitation than usual fell on a larger part of the continent, but this resulted in huge spatial and temporal differences, which significantly affects the development of cultivated plants.

The drought continued in Romania and Bulgaria, reducing the prospects for corn and sunflower yields, and in Greece, unprecedented floods led to the destruction of the entire summer crop in some regions. New price waves emerged in Slovenia after the floods in early August. In the central and northern part of Europe, the excess rainfall had a negative effect on the plants: the problem was primarily with pathogens, the quality of the grain crops deteriorated significantly, and the harvest was also delayed. Due to the rainy weather in these regions, the sowing of autumn cabbage rape suffered a significant delay in many areas. In France, the crop prospects are positive, but in the second half of August, heat waves in the eastern part of the country reduced the crop prospects of corn in the course of ear development. Crop estimates for sunflowers, sugar beets and potatoes have improved. In Italy, the heat waves also slowed down the development of summer plants in the northwestern part of the country, which reduced the crop prospects. In Germany, due to the prolonged rainy weather, the quality of the ears and canola deteriorated, and the harvest was also delayed, the amount of the crop is around the five-year average. Crop estimates for corn and potatoes were slightly down. In Poland, due to the heavy rainfall, the harvest was delayed, the yield is adequate, but the quality is poor. Yield estimates for summer crops are around the five-year average.

The central part of Ukraine was characterized by hot and dry weather in mid-August, the prospects for the corn crop remained very good

The crop yield can also develop at historical heights. In the European part of Russia, the harvest prospects for autumn and spring wheat are favorable, but the quality of the harvest is problematic in many areas due to the rainy weather, but overall, the corn harvest prospects are above the five-year average, the OMSZ wrote.


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