There are so few children that the company started producing adult diapers instead of baby diapers

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 27. 10:04

Oji Holdings, a Japanese diaper company, is making strategic moves in response to changing demographics. The company has announced that it will stop producing baby diapers in Japan and focus more on the adult diaper market. This decision responds to the country’s rapidly aging society and the drastic decrease in the birth rate. The demand for baby diapers has decreased significantly in recent years, while the market for adult diapers is growing.

According to data released by the company, 758,631 babies were born in Japan in 2023, a record low number of births and 5.1% less than the previous year. The subsidiary of Oji Holdings produced 400 million baby diapers annually, which is a significant drop compared to previous years.

At the same time, the adult diaper market is growing, worth more than $2 billion. Nearly 30% of Japan’s population is 65 years of age or older, and the proportion of older people is steadily increasing.

Oji Holdings remains active in baby diaper production in Malaysia and Indonesia, where demand is expected to grow. However, Japan’s demographic situation is a cause for concern, and population decline and aging are creating a crisis situation in the economy. The government’s actions so far have not brought about a significant change in birth rates, and other Asian countries face similar demographic challenges.

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