Eco-thriller, love story and a political utopia: “The Wrath of the Octopus” is out now

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2022. 12. 16. 10:04

Humanity is facing a problem of gargantuan proportions: we have to fight the climate change and stop the overpopulation of the planet, because the Earth’s ecosystem is in grave danger.

These are the starting thoughts of the new novel written by Dirk Rossmann and Ralf Hoppe, titled The Wrath of the Octopus. One of last year’s bestsellers was Dirk Rossmann’s eco-thriller, The Ninth Arm of the Octopus, and the story continues with the new novel – which has just been published in Hungary. In this the countries of the world to join forces and make an attempt at solving the global ecological problems

“What would happen if all the wars stopped and year after year billions of euros were saved? What would happen if an atmosphere of trust developed? These are the kinds of topics we are elaborating on in the book” – revealed Dirk Rossmann.: “There are so many things in this book: it is a love story, an eco-thriller and a political utopia at the same time. The Wrath of the Octopus is a classic thriller, an action-packed narrative with complex characters” – Mr Rossmann’s co-author, journalist Ralf Hoppe added. When asked who he would like to see read his book, Mr Rossmann answered: “The heads of state in the USA, China and Russia. I would hand them our book asking one simple question: What is your opinion?” (x)

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