Smart solutions that can save hundreds of bathtubs worth of water

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 16. 10:08

The Earth’s water supply is permanent, but only 1 percent is suitable for human consumption. As the population increases, humanity’s demand for water increases dynamically, while excessive consumption, climate change and environmental pollution also threaten fresh water resources. March 22 is water, and April 22 is World Earth Day, so in spring we have several opportunities to develop more conscious habits and reduce our household’s water footprint. Sustainable water management and smart water use are crucial for the future.

The world’s population consumes about 4 thousand billion cubic meters of water every year, including domestic use, industry, agriculture and other areas. In Hungary, domestic water consumption per capita is around 100 liters per day, which is less than the global average, but we are still facing the symptoms of water shortage more and more seriously. It is enough to think only of the summer of 2022, which, according to researchers, brought the worst drought of the past 48 years to our country.

Due to climate change, the breakdown of the ecological balance and the excessive use of water, several regions are increasingly facing water shortages. Droughts have a significant impact on agriculture, the drinking water supply and the ecosystem, which is why nowadays it is more important than ever to pay attention to the smart and sustainable use of water.

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