Declaration of the person in charge of the plant protection activity

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 27. 09:30

The recipients of subsidies provide data on plant protection service activities. The provision of data is mandatory and takes place on the website of the Hungarian State Treasury for submitting a unified application.

(Photo: Pixabay)

According to the law on the food chain and its official supervision, plant protection management activities can be carried out as plant protection service activities within the framework of an assignment, business legal relationship, or as an employee or member of the given enterprise based on a written contract. The conclusion of the contract and the data content of the contract must be reported electronically to the food chain supervisory body. According to the decree on plant protection activities, on the electronic interface for the submission of a unified application, producers must declare the data of the plant doctor responsible for the plant protection management of the area contracted with them regarding their agricultural areas affected by plant protection work within the given year’s submission deadline. The declaration is not part of the unified application, and making it does not have legal effect on the submission of the unified application, but failure to do so may result in plant protection official proceedings. Due to the legislative changes detailed above, the producer must declare about the plant protection service activity, therefore the electronic contract notification interface designed for plant protection specialists has been stopped, and no new data can be uploaded there.


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