The toy market also spins in summer – this is how families with small children go on vacation

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 24. 11:51

Juggling vacations, support from grandparents and a wide range of camps: the 10-week summer vacation begins, during which 20 percent of the total annual turnover is realized, according to REGIO JÁTÉK’s forecast. Based on their survey, two-thirds of families with small children are planning a vacation this year, while 7 out of ten elementary school-age children are going to camp. The most popular are sports, creative and day camps, with prices ranging from HUF 30,000 to HUF 50,000. Just over a third of the respondents work at workplaces where family-friendly solutions are provided to employees at least during the summer holidays.

REGIO JÁTÉK’s recent research revealed that 55 percent of Hungarian parents have difficulty finding childcare during the summer holidays. Grandparents, camps and day care provide the greatest help in this situation. This year’s 10-week school summer vacation is divided by most people in such a way that the mother goes on vacation for 2 weeks, the fathers can take 1.5-1.5 weeks and both parents at the same time, 1 week home office, the grandparents take on another 2 weeks, 1 week of camping and 1 week of day care – families use the help of another relative, friend or babysitter in a very small percentage of cases.

Beach games and soccer drive the toy market

From the children’s point of view, summer itself is unclouded freedom, according to the research, the favorite activities during the break are the beach, playgrounds and vacations.

“During the summer season, 20 percent of the total annual turnover is realized, of which only beach toys account for 11 percent: most people buy water pistols, beach balls and inflatables this year. A quarter of families also invest in a new garden pool, and because of the European football championship, the market for football games and fan products is also significantly stimulated. As a result, our basket values ​​also increase, which exceed HUF 17,000 online in the summer, and HUF 9,000 in stores.”

– said Dávid Gyaraki, deputy managing director of REGIO JÁTÉK.

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