The recycling of packaging has increased

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 11. 04. 11:40

The rate recycling of packaging waste grew in Hungary in 2011 – Eurostat’s recently published data shows. 62.9 percent of the packagings was recycled, about 59.3 percent was material recovery, which represents a nearly 8 percent increase, compared to the 2010 results.

csomagolasThe Eurostat has published the packaging recycling datas of 27 Member States. It revealed, that Hungary has performed close to the EU average in 2011. In terms of material recovery and recycling of glass, a considerable growth occurred in terms of paper and metal recycling a stagnation and a high recovery rate can be observed.

Csomagolási és Anyagmozgatási Szövetség (Packaging and Materials Handling Federation)

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