The poultry processing company in Bátaszék plans an expansion this year

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 08. 13. 11:20

The Bát-Grill Kft. plans an expansion this year. The sales of the Bátaszék–based poultry processor may reach four billion HUF – the company's managing director told MTI.


Szekeres Sándor on the basis of the first half-year data, told that the volume of sales and revenues are also evolving according to the plans.

The company's main activity is the cutting and primary processing of broiler chickens. The amount of slaughtered poultry is expected to exceed last year’s 10,460 tonnes with 400 tonnes in 2015, and it is also planned that the company will sell 330 tonnes more poultry meat in 2015 than last year's 8,268 tonnes. The company is selling its products on the domestic and European markets. (MTI)

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