More confident consumers at our Balkan neighbours

By: trademagazin Date: 2016. 01. 05. 10:09

Nielsen’s GrowthReporter follows FMCG sales trends every three months in 21 countries. Let’s see what the situation is at our neighbours in the Balkans. Romania: FMCG volume sales grew 6 percent, but because average prices fell 6 percent there was no increase in value sales in the April-August 2015. The consumer confidence index was at 84 points in Q3 2015, up 6 points from Q2 2015. Serbia: FMCG sales were stagnant in both value and volume between April and August this year. The consumer confidence index has been moving between 51 and 54 points since Q4 2013, but in Q3 2015 it jumped to 58 points. Croatia: FMCG sales reduced in four consecutive 5-month periods, but finally in April-August 2015 sales stayed put. However, average prices rose 1.1 percent after one and a half years of decrease – volume sales actually dropped this much. The consumer confidence index elevated from 59 points in Q2 2015 to 64 points in Q3 2015. Slovenia: in April-August 2015 FMCG volume sales augmented by 3 percent and value sales grew 2 percent. Consumer confidence also strengthened as back in Q2 2014 it was at 49 points, but in the following 3-month periods it developed as follows: 58, 57, 57 and 61 points; in Q2 2015 it increased further, to 65 points.

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