Márton Nobilis: the safety of the food industry strengthens the country’s sovereignty

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 12. 08. 11:53

The safety of the food industry strengthens the country’s sovereignty, there is no good food industry without good food safety, said the Secretary of State responsible for the food industry and trade policy of the Ministry of Agriculture on Friday in Gödöllő, at the handover of the animal house and BSL-3 research laboratory of the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih).

According to Márton Nobilis, the BSL-3 laboratory is an extraordinary opportunity for the Hungarian food industry and Nébih, because it is possible to carry out swine fever experiments that are unique in Europe. He added that attempts are currently being made in Spanish and Italian cooperation to produce the swine fever vaccine.
In the newly handed over laboratory, there is only one stricter laboratory, BSL-4, but the government is not currently planning to create one because there is no need for it, he said, noting that “you should enter the BSL-4 level facility in a spacesuit “.

According to the state secretary’s hopes, they will soon report from here, from the BSL-3 laboratory, with the success that they have the vaccine against swine fever. He added that in addition to swine flu, the laboratory also deals with bird flu, which also has an animal house, so a complex research facility was handed over.

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