NIS2 – Affects few, but shapes many

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 02. 11:10

The Law on Cyber Security Certification and Supervision (“Cyber Science Law”) directly focuses only on the larger actors of the economy, but it will have an impact on a much wider range of companies through supply chains.

NIS2 (Network Information System), which started in the EU, arrived in Hungary at the beginning of 2024 in the form of the “Cyber Science Act”, and its stated goal is to increase the cybersecurity maturity and resilience of large companies operating in risky sectors and to regularly examine them.

The new NIS2 therefore not only sets stricter compliance requirements compared to the previous ones, but also significantly widens the range of companies involved, as well as sets up a control and sanctioning system for them, which can greatly contribute to businesses taking the new cyber security seriously. requirements.