NGM: mandatory information on reduced packaging in stores begins

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 01. 12:30

Mandatory information on reduced packaging in stores will start on Friday – the Ministry of National Economy (NGM) drew attention in its statement on Friday.

The government successfully suppressed inflation. Thanks to effective and efficient measures such as the online price monitoring system or mandatory sales, inflation fell to single digits in October and to 3.8 percent in January. However, the government continues to fight with all means to protect families, to keep inflation at a low level, and takes the most decisive action against the deception of customers – they emphasized in the announcement.

In recent months, the phenomenon that parallel to the unchanged or even rising prices of certain products, the packaging quantity of the product has received special attention in many countries. This deceptive practice can result in consumers getting less for their money from the purchased products than before.
The NGM highlighted: 1/2024 on measures necessary to reduce food inflation. (I. 9.), therefore, from Friday, food retailers with a turnover of over HUF 1 billion are obliged to inform their customers with attention-grabbing information if the packaging of the prepackaged products they sell – especially the weight or volume – by the manufacturer of the product January 1, 2020 and 2023 decreased compared to those employed between July 1.

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