Walmart piloted an RFID receipt check. It didn’t work out.

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 03. 20. 09:14

Walmart recently discontinued a test of a machine that verified purchases people made using the retailer’s scan-and-go checkout solution at one of its stores in Bentonville, Arkansas, a spokesperson for the retailer said.

The machine, which the retailer was piloting since at least November, used Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tech to verify what customers purchased. A blue marker appeared on the floor by the machine and signage directed customers to “Place your cart on the square.” The machine also had a bagging area next to it. Other signage by the machine encouraged customers to “Try our new, faster checkout.”

The pilot marks the latest checkout innovation tested by the retailer as companies look to reduce shrink at their front ends.

The Walmart spokesperson did not comment on why the pilot of the automated receipt check machine ended in late January but noted that the retailer will use its findings from the test as it continues to try out more innovations.

Although the test run of the new technology has ended, it underscores the emphasis retailers are placing on securing self-service checkout options like scan-and-go and self checkout. It’s also notable for its use of RFID technology, which has been around for decades yet is now gaining more traction at retailers like Walmart and Uniqlo.

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