Not many stores will be open during the holidays

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 27. 11:18

March 29, Good Friday, will be a public holiday in Hungary according to tradition, so shops will be closed. The holiday weekend begins on this day and continues on Holy Saturday, March 30, then Easter Sunday, March 31, and Easter Monday, April 1. On the mentioned days, in addition to larger chain stores, malls and shopping centers are also closed.

At the same time, all department stores and shops will be open on Saturday, March 30, so it will be the ideal day for shopping. On Thursday and Saturday, the shops are waiting for customers according to the usual opening hours, while they will be closed on Sunday and Monday. However, some CBA, Coop and Real stores, as well as some smaller stores, may be open on holidays as well, but since there is no uniform opening schedule, it is worth checking in advance based on the information displayed in the stores.

It is important to note that gas stations, on-call pharmacies, independent flower shops, newsagents, sweet shops, as well as catering and entertainment venues will remain open on Easter. Smaller shops and tobacconists, where the owner or a member of his family is behind the counter, can also stay open.

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