Not many Hungarian chain stores will be open on March 15

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 13. 11:28

The March 15 holiday is upon us, which is also the first long weekend of the year, if we do not count the New Year. The opening hours of the shops are not much affected by the holiday, most shops will only be closed on Friday, and they will be open at the usual time on Saturday and Sunday.

Aldi: Aldi’s stores will be closed on March 15, the company also announced this on its website.

Auchan: Auchan stores will also be closed on this day, as stated in their flyer.

CBA and Príma: Both CBA and Príma stores are closed on this public holiday, similarly to other smaller stores.

Lidl: Lidl stores will be closed on Friday, March 15, but customers will be waiting again on Saturday.

PENNY: PENNY stores will also not be open on March 15, they will be closed on the holiday.

Tesco: Tesco stores will also be closed on this public holiday, but on other days they will operate according to Saturday and Sunday opening hours.

Not only are grocery stores closed on March 15, but many other businesses, including entire malls and malls, are also closed. In addition, online delivery may also be interrupted, so it is worth planning ahead and purchasing the necessary things in time.


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