We can’t expect much good on the grape front this year

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 12. 11:12

This year has once again brought worrying variability for grape growers, who had to face the challenges of the weather. As in previous years, there were many anomalies in the horticulture and vineyards, be it late frosts, downpours or early high temperatures.

Because of the mild winter, powdery mildew spores survived the weather and became the source of this year’s infection. The bud break occurred earlier than usual, which poses a serious challenge from the point of view of protection. The intense shoot growth made the vineyards even more vulnerable to pathogens and pests.

Due to the mild weather, spraying should be started in time to prevent the proliferation of pests. It is important to spread the spray to all sides of the shoots and to pay attention to possible fungal and insect infections.

Downy mildew only infects if the nights do not cool down in a short period of time after the rain falls on shoots rich in sap and carbohydrates. Protection against downy mildew begins after the vines have sprouted and requires constant attention depending on the weather.

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