Nébih seized forty tons of Ukrainian seeds contaminated with GMOs

By: STA Date: 2024. 02. 02. 11:00

Thanks to continuous inspections and strict food safety rules, 40 tons of GMO-contaminated corn seeds from Ukraine were seized by Nébih specialists. We will continue to protect Hungarian food safety and the interests of Hungarian farmers – Minister of Agriculture István Nagy announced on his social media page.

(Photo: AM)

The head of the ministry emphasized that the government’s goal is still to ensure that only high-quality and safe food reaches the Hungarian people. That is why the National Food Chain Safety Office carries out regular inspections. Nébih’s inspection in January found almost 40,000 kilograms of GMO-contaminated corn seeds from Ukraine. The minister added that Nébih has initiated proceedings against the distribution company and is also taking measures to destroy it in accordance with the law. István Nagy highlighted that, thanks to strict regulations and regular inspections, Hungarian foodstuffs are among the safest in the world, and the Ministry of Agriculture is doing everything to ensure that it remains so. Only high-quality and safe products can be placed on the tables of Hungarian families. He explained that we strongly advocate that agricultural products imported from third countries must meet the same standards as food produced in the Union.

The head of the ministry also drew attention to the fact that Hungary will maintain the national import ban on agricultural products from Ukraine until an equivalent international solution is reached.

The restriction does not affect seeds and transit shipments are still permitted, but the relevant authorities will lock them at the border in accordance with previous practice, track them, and check the path of the affected products throughout the country.


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