The Lake Balaton has become an all-season tourist destination

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 07. 06. 10:30

The Lake Balaton – thanks to the development of and marketing of the recent years – has become an all-season tourist destination. It is providing special programs at any time of the year – the CEO of the Hungarian Magyar Turizmus (MT) Zrt. told MTI.


Faragó Péter explained that much of the development funds in the next few years aim the rural Hungary, which will be beneficial to the Lake Balaton as well.

The lake is still the number one domestic destination, the three quarters of the domestic guest at the Lake Balaton are Hungarians. 26 percent of all domestic guest nights, while about 15 percent of the foreign guest nights are spent at the Lake Balaton – he added. (MTI)

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