Nébih found no problem with the quality of the baby sponge cakes, but marking errors were found

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 11. 25. 11:20

In the Supermenta product test, 24 baby sponge cake and baby sponge cake-type products were examined by experts from the National Food Chain Safety Authority (Nébih).

No problem with baby sponge quality, but markup errors occur

According to Nébih’s information published on Thursday, the Hungarian Food Book regulates exactly what producers and distributors can call baby sponges, so the test included 8 products called baby sponges and 16 sponges.

In the laboratories of Nébih, the experts carried out food safety and quality tests, during which everything was found to be in order. The official inspectors examined the labeling of the fat, sugar, protein and salt content on the packaging of the products and also checked the labeling of the absence of milk, lactose and gluten, and there was no problem in this area either. (MTI)

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