Tamás Náray: ‘The globalisation of selfishness has become immense’

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2021. 05. 03. 19:00

This week’s Future Talks podcast episode writer, painter and fashion designer Tamás Náray is Szilvia Krizsó’s guest.  The episode topics include the responsibility of education, the importance of conscious planning and the usefulness of astrology in everyday life.

Tamás Náray

Mr Náray reckons that existing isn’t easy nowadays, as we can’t predict what the months ahead of us will bring. In spite of this, he is sure that a person without a vision dies, therefore everyone should have an idea about where they are going in life.

The fashion designer believes in education very much, in finding the right people, teaching them and letting them draw their own conclusions, in order to build their personalities. In his view the globalisation of selfishness has become immense, people are only thinking about themselves and what is good for them.

‘I’ve believed in education all my life’

Furthermore, the podcast covers the topics of astrology as a guide in our life, the place where Tamás Náray sees himself in 10 years’ time, the art of ‘broadcasting’ values as an influencer and the confrontations present in Mr. Náray’s life.


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