Agricultural startups can cooperate with large companies in solving sector challenges

By: STA Date: 2023. 06. 29. 10:00

Agriculture is under pressure, in which startups can play a prominent role. The NAK TechLab large-company startup program, which is being held for the fifth time, is meant to remedy this. The three-month incubation program launched by the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy maps the agricultural and food industry challenges, for which young developers, startups and researchers are looking for solutions.

The NAK TechLab program forms a bridge between agricultural startups and domestic agricultural actors in order to create new digital solutions and quickly spread them among farmers. This process is supported for the fifth year by the incubation program, during which market-leading agricultural companies determine the challenges affecting the sector. “It is extremely important to put the industry in the sights of innovators, by which we offer a safe entry point to a young engineer, economist or even mathematician into the sector. We use their knowledge and fresh perspective to deliver solutions to the problems that the sector needs to solve.” – pointed out Balázs Győrffy, the president of NAK, in connection with the program.

The involved market players guarantee that the program will develop market-focused services that will meaningfully affect farmers

The large companies joining the program – including Axiál Kft., Claas Hungária Kft., Bonafarm Group or KITE Zrt. – defined challenges that affect the entire vertical of the sector; field crop production, horticulture, animal husbandry and food industry. For example, decision support systems connected to the soil, arable crop cultivation and innovative solutions in the irrigated horticulture sector, keeping in mind the compliance with sustainability requirements, as well as challenges in the processing industry, are also open to applications.

The startups included in the three-month program can work with the active facilitation of product developers, market and sector players and agricultural mentors, thus promoting the validation of projects and getting them to the market as soon as possible. The professional partner of the incubation program is Design Terminal.

Application deadline: August 13, 2023.

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