Márton Nagy: security of supply is at risk, this could put an end to the price cap

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 11. 30. 11:47

Security of supply issues arise due to the price cap, which, according to Minister of Economic Development Márton Nagy, may even lead to the premature termination of official prices.

“The security of supply is more important than anything else, and Mol sees the situation best. They see better that they are able to supply Hungary with raw materials. If they see that they are not, then issues of security of supply arise. Our stocks that we have accumulated (the minister was referring here to strategic stocks – ed.) we keep it for emergencies, natural damages, wars. The strategic stock should not be touched in this situation”

– Minister of Economic Development Márton Nagy told Index.

On the fuel front, it is a serious problem that the relative cheapness does not encourage saving at all. The benefit is realized by the population or, for example, agricultural entrepreneurs, the SME sector, by refueling. What’s more, in many cases they stock up on their own beards or resell them, not caring about security and tax risks. This results in supply problems that put even the largest market player in a difficult situation.