Muesli, biscuits and snacks could be your Easter favorite this year

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 04. 08. 11:43

On the Hungarian market, 800 tons of Easter sweets are consumed annually, worth about 5 billion HUF, mainly chocolate rabbits and chocolate eggs. The Easter confectionery market has always grown in recent years, and between 2017 and 2018 there was a particularly large jump, with a 10 percent increase in sales. This was mainly due to the shift to higher quality, not the increase in the number of tonnes to such an extent.

There will be no shortage of Easter sweets this year, because traders have already filled their warehouses and shelves from the usual quantity long before the declaration of the emergency, so there is no need to worry about someone missing out on chocolate rabbits, chocolate eggs or other Easter delicacies, whether domestic or imported.

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