‘Operational excellence, great to work with and great to work for’

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 06. 24. 21:44

VPK Packaging Group is one of the biggest packaging manufacturers in the world, with 65 factories in 20 countries and its headquarters in Belgium. VPK Packaging Salonta is a member of the group. 

The factory in Salonta opened in 2009 and its current production capacity is 85 million m² a year, which will soon increase to 100 million m². The production plant in Nagyszalonta is a leading manufacturer of sustainable corrugated packaging solutions. All of their tailor-made corrugated board, core and edge protector products are fully recyclable, and each product is FSC (Forest Stewardship Counsel) certified.

Bart Dobbelaere, managing director: ‘Being part of VPK Packaging Group and BBP Alliance helps in allocating the right resources and means that we can always deliver an excellent customer experience. To multinational partners we offer solutions that guarantee European-level central purchasing, while manufacturing and delivery is done by the local units all over Europe, taking local needs into consideration.’ CSR projects form an integral part of the company’s strategy, contributing to the development of local communities. CSR projects are realised in the fields of education, environmental protection and sports and leisure activities. (x)

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