Rácz József, founder of the Kert-Ész Klub receives a Ministerial Recognition

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 10. 28. 12:11

Rácz József, CEO of the Prémium Kert Kft. President of the Kert-Ész Klub Magyarország received a Ministerial Recognition, from Rural Development Minister dr. Fazekas Sándor at the awards ceremony connected to the Memorial Day of the 1956 revolution and war of independence.

Racz_Jozsef_portreRácz József, CEO of the Prémium Kert Kft. received the recognition for creating the professional forum of the professional greenhouse vegetable producers and for the founding of the Kert-Ész Klub.

Rácz József graduated from the Agricultural University of Debrecen in 1994. Taught two years after graduating from the university, and from 1996 he worked in the horticultural sector.
He worked for more than 10 years in production integrations, in producer cooperatives in sales areas. In 2010 he founded his own company, the Prémium Kert Kft. which is dealing with the sales of vegetables mainly in Csongrád County. He is married and father of three children. His wife is a teacher.

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