Auchan gives everyone a fixed basic salary increase and a significant increase in benefits

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 01. 25. 12:29

Starting in January, Auchan will raise the basic salary of all its employees by HUF 32,000 gross. A gross income of up to HUF 476,000 is available in store jobs that do not require professional qualifications. Starting in January, Auchan Hungary will give all full-time employees a gross salary increase of HUF 32,000.

According to this, in the regions employing the most employees, in store positions that do not require professional qualifications, this year the income may range from HUF 380,000 to HUF 476,000 gross per month. In jobs requiring professional qualifications, such as a baker, the income with the expert bonus can reach HUF 510,000 gross per month. And a picking employee working in logistics can earn an average of HUF 600,000 gross per month, supplemented by the performance-based bonus after the trial period.

The company supplements the basic salary increase for everyone with a significant increase in cafeteria and shopping discounts. Instead of the previous 5% discount, it provides 12% to its employees, and from July 1st, the cafeteria’s current amount will double, if the company achieves the economic results set in advance. In recent years, Auchan has become accustomed to raising wages in two stages, which so far affects wages, and this year benefits.

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