A win-win situation

By: trademagazin Date: 2010. 04. 27. 08:00

More and more people are devoted to protecting our environment for future generations. ÖKOPannon Kft. and Raiker Kft. launched a programme called Bottle Courier, which tries to solve the problems of selective bottle collection. György Viszkei, ÖKO-Pannon’s managing director told at a press conference that last year only 28 percent of bottles were recollected, while the EU set a 68-percent recollection target by 2012. ÖKO-Pannon started cooperation with drinks-wholesalers Raiker – he latter collects the empty bottles (free of charge) from the restaurants they deliver drinks to. So far 222 restaurants joined the programme and 90 tons of bottles were collected.

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