The water temperature is reduced in all swimming pools and wellness centers, with the exception of thermal baths

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 11. 28. 10:02

In many places, the saunas were closed and the water temperature was reduced, but the basic services of the baths are always provided to the guests, and the temperature of the thermal water does not decrease either, as it is geothermally supplied, Gyula Lazay, the operations director of Budapest Spa Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt., told InfoRádio.

The temperature of the thermal water does not decrease either

Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt. has been very successful so far in 2022, the spas and beaches have had high visitor traffic, thanks to, among other things, the summer heatwave periods, but observing the rise in energy prices, our company started developing an energy crisis management plan already in August. By using it, we have so far managed to avoid having to change the opening hours of our spas and swimming pools

explained the specialist.

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