All Ukrainian grain shipments arriving in Hungary are checked

By: STA Date: 2023. 04. 18. 09:00

All grain shipments coming from Ukraine to Hungary by road and rail are checked and only transit traffic vehicles are allowed to pass through the country, said the state secretary responsible for the food industry and trade policy on Tuesday night at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border crossing in Záhony, where he was informed about the implementation of measures related to agricultural products.

(Photo: PIxabay)

Márton Nobilis saw the inspection of the corn shipment from a neighboring country – carried out by the experts of the National Food Chain Safety Office and the National Tax and Customs Office – and then said that after the sampling of the shipment, the truck will be sealed and will continue its journey through Hungary to its destination. . The journey of all trucks with such loads is monitored through the Electronic Road Goods Traffic Control System, and their journey is also followed by weight checks. Through this they will see if a shipment has left the country; if not, they will find where it was unloaded and check it there – explained Márton Nobilis. The state secretary reminded that the Hungarian government has decided that – following the Polish example – it will not allow the import of Ukrainian grain or other agricultural products. “Our goal is to protect Hungarian farmers from Ukrainian grain flooding Hungarian agriculture and causing damage to Hungarian farmers,” said the politician. He added that the Ministry of Agriculture is working to extend the ban to other Ukrainian foods in the future. In response to MTI’s question, the state secretary said that compared to previous years, Ukrainian grain imports to Hungary have now increased tenfold.

Agriculture Minister István Nagy announced on Saturday that, similarly to Poland, he will temporarily ban the import of grain and oilseeds and several other agricultural products originating in or coming from Ukraine to Hungary. According to the head of the ministry, the continuation of the current market processes would cause such serious damage to Hungarian agriculture that extraordinary measures must be put in place to stop them. The restriction on imports to Hungary is temporary and lasts until June 30, 2023.


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