A comprehensive research was carried out by the Tej Terektánács

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 02. 15. 11:35

On behalf of the Tej Terméktanács, Trend International Market Research Kft. carried out the research entitled “Rögös turó as quality system recognition in Hungary”, the focus of which is on the one hand to measure the effectiveness of this campaign, and on the other hand to learn about the Hungarian population’s Rögös túró consumption habits and purchase motivations, Rögös tóró and an assessment of the awareness of the Traditional Special Product (HKT) trademark.

In 2019, Rögös túró was recognized and registered as a traditional special food by the European Union. The Tej Product Council launched a two-year marketing campaign in January 2022 in order to promote the recognition of Rögös turó as a “Traditional Special Product”.

The results of the research show that consumers are familiar with many types of cottage cheese, but when asked what types of cottage cheese they can name, Rögös túró was the first thing that came to mind for most of them. The participants of the focus group discussion stated that in their terminology, “Rögös túró means TURÓ.” The name is mostly associated with positive thoughts, evokes nostalgia and childhood experiences, is positioned high by consumers and endows it with particularly favorable product properties, and is seen as a delicious, healthy product and an important source of protein, vitamins and nutrients.

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